4 essential makeup brushes for travelling 

Hey girls! 

A few days ago, I received a little present from my cousins and this is probably one of the best things in my mail. 

This little container with 4 super cute and tiny makeup brushes that all makeup addicts need in their bags AT ALL TIMES while travelling around; be it work, meetings, lunch with friends, a dinner date or a vacation.  Here’s what this little container holds: 

I can’t get over how tiny and pink they are 😻
1. The one for blush 

This pocket sized broad and fluffy brush is used for applying blush. It’s super convenient when you’re in the car and can’t fish through your handbag for your huge brush. Just take this tiny one out and touch up your blush 🙀
2. Eyeshadow Brush 

Travel sized eyeshadow brush?? HELL YEAH! 
3. Eyebrow Brush 

Time to bid my big eyebrow brush farewell and welcome this little wand in my life. Fuller eyebrows on the go, here I come! 

4. Lipstick brush 

I find this one to be really helpful.  Instead of making a mess of my favourite lipstick and wasting so much. And uneven application. I finally have this little fellow to ensure neat and tidy lipstick application 🙌🏽
I can’t wait to use these!  These little guys will help you all as well. Get yours now! 


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